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Partner's Stories

Hypnobirthing allowed us to experience what birthing is all about, the joy of delivering a new person into the world, delivering this little baby calmly, happily and relaxed.

Being able to see both sides of the delivery experience has made us very much hypno brthing evangelists and i am terribly sorry that i cannot be there with you today to share this in person and to answer your questions. I truly do believe that all children should be brought into this world, wherever possible using the skills that we were taught and that these techniques should be at the very core of what expectant mothers are offered in terms of preparatory education.

If it were possible to put every expectant mother, particularly first time mothers through a hypno birthing course, whether they chose to give birth in a hospital or at home, i am sure that the need for intervention and the number of emergency cases would dramatically reduce.

This is about giving women back the skills that they have forgotten.

Thank you.


The labour went very well with no medical intervention and Denise gave birth in the water, which was fantastic and what we wanted.

The midwives remarked on how calm and relaxed Denise and Emily were throughout the stages of labour and birth.  Emily’s heart rate remained constant throughout her journey.  One cool baby!

We are all doing well with out steep learning curve, but she is well worth it.  The world melts when she smiles.

Thank you for your support and kind thoughts.  HypnoBirthing really helped us.  It really works!!


The thing about HypnoBirthing is that it works!


It did work really, really well indeed!


It was really informative, balanced, and in my view had the right mix of sciences, experience, common sense and wisdom. So thank you very much for that. We left the seminar inspired and happy – and with lots to think about!

We will certainly be in touch and let you know once our baby has arrived!


‘It completely changed my life.  It was wonderful.’ – Andy

We have been graced with the most beautifully relaxed and contented daughter which we are so thankful for. Her calm personality 'we are sure' is a direct result of the techniques and guidance we received from you during our course. As the husband (and birth partner!!) I felt in complete control of the room and discussed with the midwife our exact ideas for the day and how WE wanted it to progress. This allowed my wife to concentrate fully on the act of birthing our child, which as you would have expected went perfectly to plan, 2 hours from arrival at the birth centre Liz was born in the pool to 2 ecstatic parents.We are now just about to celebrate 1 month with her and each day brings more surprises, but with such a contented baby these are in the most part completely stress free. Such is the relaxed atmosphere being enjoyed at our house we have been asked by our health visitor to attend and talk to a group of first time parents.

Kind regards,


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