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Birth Blends Kit- Bath Salts Edition
  • Birth Blends Kit- Bath Salts Edition


    Our birth aroma kit was designed with YOU in mind...


    Produced by midwives and safe to use from the first trimester right throughout pregnancy and the years to follow. Here to give you that special pick-me-up in the moments you need it most. 


    Our four signature blends- Focus, Relax, Refresh & Energy- in himalayan salt form can be used for both inhalation and a soak in the bath. Simply choose the aroma you need most, open the bottle and inhale deeply three times or pour a handful into bathful of warm water. 


    Each bottle contains a carefully selected blend of high grade essential oils to support you emotionally, mentally and physically. They are safe to use after the first three months of pregnancy, including during your labour/birth & in the postpartum period- including when breastfeeding. Not for use in people with G6PD (Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency) or heart problems. See ingredients list for allergens. Always speak to your midwife/doctor before use if you have any concerns about using aromatherapy during your journey. 

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